It is the responsibility of the named person on the booking form to understand, agree, and accept responsibility for all booking conditions, including all payments due by specified dates. By proceeding to pay a deposit, you accept that you are entering into a contract and you agree to be bound by these conditions. Please see my booking form for services offered.


PRICES are non negotiable and the agreed total will still be charged if not all services outlined in the quote are required, or cancellations are made at a later date.


HAIR I am happy to work with extensions (provided by you), but I do not do blow dries. I supply hair donuts but any bigger hairpieces would have to be supplied by you personally. Please ensure that hair is dry and clean, it is advisable to wash your hair the night before at the very latest in order to give the hair more grip for styling.


MAKEUP I offer a look tailored to the individual and offer false lashes where appropriate. If you have specific allergies or other preferences and want me to use your personal makeup, the prices will still remain the same for application. I cannot work on skin that is infected (cold sores, impetigo etc) as the infection may transfer to my kit and I would have to replace it in its entirety. This does not apply to sensitive skin, skin with rosacea or acne (if in doubt please contact me).


MINIMUM BOOKING For the wedding day itself, a minimum booking of €220 (including travel costs) is required.


MAXIMUM BOOKING I accept bookings for up to four people (hair and makeup) or up to 8 services for a larger party if the requirements are for hair only, makeup only, or a mixture. Please contact me if you are considering a mixed booking.


TRAVEL EXPENSES Travel expenses are chargable at a two tier flat fee: Up to one hour from DURAS 47120 €45.Up to two hours from DURAS 47120 €65. Where the wedding location exceeds this distance, you will be expected to cover all costs for hotel accommodation where it is not practical to travel to the venue on the day of the wedding, i.e. limited time available, or severe weather conditions have been forecast.



A 100€ booking fee (acompte) is required before a date will be held. It is non refundable. Any booking fee paid is deducted from the final balance and is not an upfront payment for trials. Trial costs are due at the time of the trial, or prior.

YOUR DATE WILL NOT BE HELD UNTIL THE BOOKING FEE IS PAID. This is applicable even if you have already had a trial. Refunds or cancellations without charges are solely at my discretion.

Your final payment is due on the day of your wedding, before the ceremony. You may, if you wish to avoid exchanging money on the day, pay in advance.


TRIALS Trials are highly recommended for every member of your bridal party. Without a trial I will not accept responsibility if a desired style or look does not meet expectations on the wedding day and a refund will not be offered. Prior notice must be given if you wish to cancel part of, or reschedule, an appointment. In the likely event that I have turned away alternative bookings to accommodate your trial, you will be charged. Refunds, retrials, or cancellations without charges are solely at my discretion.


CANCELLATIONS/ AMENDMENTS All contact, whether it be general enquiries or changes to a booking, must be from the bride only. Changes to your booking by adding another person onto your original booking can only be accepted if time/resources allow on your wedding day and I will require prior notice and payment due at the specified time. Adding extra people on the day, without prior warning, may jeopardize the quality of my work or delay the ceremony. You are required to give a minimum of 3 months notice should you wish to reduce numbers or services booked on your wedding day. After such time the full amount for services cancelled will still be payable. All payments are the responsibility of the bride. In the unfortunate event that you have to cancel your booking completely I require a minimum of 3 months notice. After such time the full amount will still be payable by the specified date. Deposits are non refundable.


IF I CANCEL OR CHANGE YOUR BOOKING In the HIGHLY unlikely event that I cannot attend on the day of your wedding due to unforeseen and unfortunate events or circumstances, all payments will be immediately refunded (including deposit and trial fees).


IN THE EVENT OF DELAYS EXPERIENCED ON THE DAY If I experience unforeseen delays, which are out of my control, refunds will not be given in the event that one or more services are forfeited as a result and no compensation will be offered if I overrun. If you are aware of factors, which could delay or hinder my journey, such as diversions, road closures, speed restrictions, match days, market days, Satnav issues etc. please advise me as soon as possible so I can factor this into my route. No refund or compensation will be offered for delays caused by other wedding vendors, guests, or members of the bridal party. A minimum of 45 minutes will be allocated for hair/ makeup application per person. If you suspect any member of your bridal party may pose as a challenge in any way, they are encouraged to have a trial to avoid potential delays on the day.


CLIENT OBLIGATIONS – TRIAL & WEDDING DAY You must ensure that I will be working in a suitable environment with adequate lighting, electricity points, and hand washing facilities. Please ensure every member of your party is aware of timings on the day and that they need to be, and remain, available. You are to inform me of any allergies or reactions prior to, or after, any makeup application or hair styling. If no known allergies are stated I cannot be held liable for any reactions, injuries, losses, damage, costs, claims and actions that may occur to you or any other member of your party. Prior to having makeup applied or hair styled please ensure you and your party are prepared, to avoid leaving the chair whilst we are working. Please ensure teeth are cleaned, you have been to the toilet and contact lenses are applied (if applicable), before sitting in the chair. Also make sure you are make-up free, (I will prep your skin.) On a wedding day, time is of the essence. Please ensure hair is clean, completely dry, and free from product. I advise washing the night before and avoiding heavy conditioners. If any of your bridal party has wet hair they will be expected to dry it thoroughly before we start. Please do not eat or speak on your mobile phone during makeup application. Please do not sit children/babies on your lap whilst having your hair styled or make-up applied. For their own safety please ensure that children are kept away from my styling tools and products at all times. Styling irons are extremely hot, and hazardous, and I will not be held responsible if a child is injured as a result of the parent or carer not being present.


PHOTOGRAPHY & IMAGE COPYRIGHT It is important to me that I continue to update my portfolio and demonstrate my work to future prospective brides. Please let me know in advance if you do not wish to be photographed or if you are not happy for me to use your images for marketing purposes. I do not show images from trials until after the wedding day and you will not be tagged in any such image on social networking sites, but are welcome to tag yourself. I refrain from asking for ‘before & after’ photos but I am very grateful for volunteers. I am happy to be photographed on your wedding morning however, any photo image incorporating me in action, or my hair and/or make-up design, on the internet or on any other advertisement, must make reference or credit me as the hair and/or makeup artist. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. If you have any further questions please contact me.