Useful to know: Smokey eye basics

A friend of mine asked me today what products she should buy in order to achieve a smokey eye. I would say that tools are different for everyone but there are a few things that will definitely help you....

Creamy kohl eyeliners or cream sticks. These are a super easy way of achieving a smokey look in a hurry as they warm to your skin and are really easy to blend. Laura Mercier Caviar sticks are the most popular choice but for a cheaper alternative I often use KIKO (NB test your shade in the shop as some blend really easily, others don't. I always have 06 and 07 in my kit)

(To apply: draw all over the mobile lid (no need to be neat) and then blend out with a fluffy brush. Set the cream/ kohl with a complimentary eyeshadow and then take the cream and powder underneath but with a finer line along the lower lashes. You can line the waterline to make the smokey eye more intense or leave it for a softer look.)

A transition colour. This can help your base shadow to blend out more naturally and you can apply it to the socket. I often use bronzer for this (my favourite is NARS Laguna)

Flat Brush. I use this brush to place eye primer or cream colour directly onto the lid before using the fluffy brush to blend out

MAC 217 brush. This is a fluffy brush that you can use to diffuse the edges of your smokey eye. I often use two so that I can blend out the eyeshadow with one and then use the second (clean) one to make sure its perfect.

There are loads of tutorials out there for you to learn from, I recommend checking out Pixiwoos or Lisa Eldridge as being the ones who are the easiest to follow, but remember that makeup is all about finding your own look and so it is good to experiment :)

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