Love this: Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush

I have been meaning to get this for aaaages, I have seen it around and about forEVER and loads of people I know have been using it but it was always second/ third/ ok maybe fourth or even fifth on my ‘Buy This’ list but I finally got some yesterday yay! A few things to consider: Use SPARINGLY this liquid blush must be shaken well before using, apply to the back a hand or directly onto a brush but always take the excess off before applying or you will look like the clown off IT. (Well, maybe not but you know what I mean). Apply after your foundation, and then use the foundation brush (and remaining foundation that is left after application) to soften the edges of the blush to create a more seamless look. You can use it to tint your lips or eyelids as well so if you have a pink toned blush and a gold toned one then that is basically your holiday makeup right there. You’re welcome.

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