Love This: Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector

What is it? It’s a lightweight gloss that is my go to product for brides, I always recommend that they buy it to put in their purse (or bridesmaid’s purse – that’s what they are there for isnt it?!) to refresh throughout the day and into the night. Why do I love this so much? IT’S NOT STICKY I mean, it goes on beautifully with a subtle gloss, not like your lips have been smashed by the glitter truck (yes I know Sam Chapman said this first but I love this phrase and cannot use it enough), and it doesnt attract bits of food, eat hair or create those lovely foamy crusty bits at the side of your mouth like other drier lip stuff…. IT’S EASY TO APPLY It has a very user friendly applicator tip and can be done in total darkness as the applicator follows the lip contour really well and the pigment is light enough to allow for error. YOU CAN BUY IT IN THE AIRPORT My brides are often travelling from the UK, Australia or Dubai and so they will inevitably pass through the airport at some point, and who doesn’t like shopping en route? You can buy a ‘selection box’ of several different colours in a smaller size which I think is perfect for someone who wants a bit of variety in their life – and all at a reasonable price. Joy.

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